Quality education changes the lives of young Cambodians

When I was traveling in Cambodia, poverty touched my heart. “Nobody should be poor!” I thought. That’s when I realized I should finance a child education charity.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.“ — Nelson Mandela

We initiated a sponsorship program to give children access to high-quality education

In 2016, I led a team on a mission trip to ICF Cambodia. At that time, ICF Cambodia had already established a child sponsorship program and trained local caseworkers who would visit the families in the surrounding villages daily. That was an ideal situation to start sponsorship program for students. ICF Cambodia took care of the local logistics and I of the initial financial support.

The pilot phase of the education sponsorship is a huge success

What started with three students soon became a much bigger education program. Today, 25 students are part of the ICF Education Program.

The students attend good schools in Siem Reap. In addition, ICF Cambodia complements their formal education, working with the students to identify and to develop their talents and strengths.


An excellent education will change the lives of many young Cambodians

We dream that one day, every Cambodian child will get an excellent education. Their future will be bright. 

For this reason, we are expanding the program to give many hundreds of children access to quality education.

It takes an experienced leader to expand the education sponsorship

To make this dream a reality, I will move to Cambodia this fall. I’m a scientist and experienced leader with a Ph.D. in biology and an M.Sc. in chemical engineering. After many years in the biotechnology industry, I decided to leave my stable job as an R&D manager.

As a volunteer for ICF Cambodia, I will take over the lead of the strategic development of the Education ProgramMy move will enable us to evaluate the local needs and to respond to that need with a sustainable education program that will empower Cambodians. Discover my story.

Your donations will enable the strategic development

We will not be able to absorb the significant increase in the overhead due to the expansion with private donations.

The ICF Education Sponsorship will continue financing the education of students from low income families including the student’s school fees, school uniform, supplies, and tutoring.

Your donations will cover my living expenses in Cambodia and travels to visit successful education programs abroad. Hence, your financial support will enable us to expand the existing education charity organization.


The Education Program expansion will benefit hundreds of children

The local expansion of the ICF Education Program is the first step towards our vision to enable quality education for all in Cambodia.
The expanded education program will likely include a high-quality school, first-in-class teacher training, a vocational apprenticeship program, and potentially, an early childhood education program as well as support for young entrepreneurs — first in Siem Reap, and then on the long term, we intend to replicate the program in various parts of Cambodia.

Only a holistic solution guarantees long-term sustainability and empowerment of the Cambodians

The first year of the two- to three-year expansion project will include a research phase to identify the local needs and the reasons hindering of the development of the Cambodian education system. We also plan to to visit successful education programs and schools. Our goal is to expand the existing education sponsorship, thus establishing a sustainable child education system for empowerment of the Cambodians.
We believe an excellent education will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of young Cambodians forever. They will be better educated, more inspired and more successful.


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