Merry Christmas — the Cambodian Style

Merry Christmas
24 Dec

Merry Christmas — the Cambodian Style

Merry Christmas! While in my home country, Switzerland, thousands of people are enjoying delicious food and “vin chaud” at one of the beautiful Christmas markets, I’m about to experience my first holiday season wearing summer clothes.

This year is different!

Nonetheless, celebrating Christmas in Cambodia is exciting. At ICF Cambodia, each weekend the people from Siem Reap and the surrounding village visited our three Christmas celebrations: the first weekend the kids, then the teenager and now the adults.

Children enjoying their lunch at the ICF Kids Christmas.
Children enjoying their lunch at the ICF Kids Christmas.

A Water Bottle — a Small Step to Improve Education

Speaking about education, I love this year’s Christmas present for all visitors. It’s useful and a small step to improve education.

ICF Cambodia has been providing drinking water on the campus since earlier this year. This Christmas, everyone received a beautiful reusable water bottle. This is a great way to teach the locals the importance of taking care of the environment, and thus, to reduce plastic waste.

Also, they can benefit from free water instead of buying an expensive plastic bottle, or worse, drinking dirty water. We thus prevent health issues due to the lack of clean water. I also learned that because they drink not enough, they suffer from headaches. Thinking it’s serious, they visit a doctor who prescribes expensive drugs, which they cannot afford.

It’s an easy problem to solve. All it takes is drinking more clean water, and the headache disappears.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your family and loved ones. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. All the best for the new year!


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